Friday Night Lights Caption Contest VII

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Welcome to the Friday Night Lights Caption Contest, a Monday tradition. All you have to do is this: take a look at the picture from "Pantherama," think of a good caption, click "comments" and fill out the Insider's online form. Responses go live instantly, and you can fill out as many as you want!

Click here to see who won last week's edition of the contest and read the full list of responses we were sent. Then get ready for an all-new contest below ...

This week's Friday Night Lights Caption Contest image:

Riggins Visits Mindy's Pal

Good luck and thank you for making Friday Night Lights Insider the best Friday Night Lights fan site online. We hope you enjoy and visit the Insider often!

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Friday Night Lights Quotes

All the way to State!!!!


Becky I like you so much, alright? When you wanna go out give me a call ok? Or like email me ok? Or send me a postcard to the post office, carrier pigeons, whatever!


Friday Night Lights Music

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