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It's the first day of college recruiting and Smash's phone is ringing off the hook. Smash gets the attention of a coach from Miami Southern, where another Dillon alum is a star. That former Panther star's younger sister, Noel, is a very cute girl, and she happens to be nearby to draw attention to herself, as well. She introduces herself to Smash, who's obviously interested. The Williams derby has officially begun.

Tim packs up his things and leaves when he sees his brother, Billy Riggins, cavorting with the infamous next door neighbor at their house. She tells him that he shouldn't leave, but Tim is out the door and showing up on Tyra's doorstep. She gives him 48 hours to crash. When that time expires, Mindy Collette sends him over to a friend's ... who offers Tim a place to crash if he cares for the pets. Wow.

Noah Barnett, English teacher and faculty advisor for the school newspaper, meets Tami at school, when she mistakes him for a student. The newspaper is meeting to talk about the next issue, and Julie suggests an article on the upcoming "Pantherama" pep rally event. Jules wants to do a piece on where the money goes, and whether it's fair. Mr. Barnett tells her she's just earned herself the feature story in the Dillon Chronicle.

Tami corners Tyra and Lyla in the hallway and asks them to help out with an entertainment portion of Pantherama, the big football fundraiser. They try to wiggle out but Tami's not having it.

Deciding that he warrants a spot on the roster, Eric sends Santiago to talk to Tami about credits and classes. She finds out his parents were both deported and that he's staying here with his uncle. When she wants to meet with the uncle, he tells her that he hasn't seen him in 10-11 months. Tami and Eric argue later about Santiago. He's worried about his eligibility, while she's worried about him growing up alone.

As a solution, Buddy offers to let Santiago live with him. Tami is at first skpetical, saying that finding this kid a family through Social Services is the only real recourse. But Eric says that since he's already slipped through the cracks, what does that say about the system? Despite Tami's doubts, Buddy (Brad Leland) says he knows what he's getting into and insists he wants this.

Eric and Tammy help get Santiago settled into Buddy's new apartment. She tells him he needs to get some fruits and vegetables in the fridge to go along with all that steak! Buddy keeps apologizing to Santiago about the room, the bed, the desk being small, etc., but Santiago tells Buddy it's the first real bed he's ever had.

Matt and Lauren are in the hallway kissing, and Julie gets upset, ducking into Mr. Barnett's room to avoid them. Julie (Aimee Teegarden) vents and the teacher is very supportive of her. Clearly there's a connection ...

Lyla and Tyra are having a hard time getting volunteers for the Pantherama. Since the team members usually participates in some form, they decide to walk right into the football locker room and get some help. Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) and her ridiculous body quickly get a lot of volunteers among the Dillon players.

They decide to choreograph and practice a dance routine with their football volunteers. Lyla starts off with a typical routine, but the guys are getting bored, so Tyra and the players decide to spice it up!

At home, Matt is practicing the dance routine. He's stiff and uncomfortable looking. Grandma's nurse walks in and offers to help him. She gets him to loosen up and relax. Clearly there's something going on here, too ...

Julie and Mr. Barnett discuss her article, while is good, albeit wordy. She has three paragraphs complaining about the rally girls... a little bitter in her journalistic pursuits, no? Nevertheless, they continue to talk and bond. Tami walks in and looks a little bit suspicious at what she finds.

A coach from Whitmore, a historically black college, is at Smash's house talking to him and his mother. This coach offers Smash a full scholarship, however it's academic, not athletic. It's a great school and his mama is impressed, but its football team stinks and has never had a player drafted to the NFL, so Smash blows it off.

Smash (Gaius Charles) invites Noel to dinner with his family. She spends the meal talking up Miami Southern and what they can do for him. Mrs. Williams asks about the academics at the school, but doesn't get much by way of answers. Clearly Smash's mom is feeling more and more nervous about this charade.

Later, Mama and Smash have it out about recruiting. She wants him to get a good education, because nothing is for certain, and what if he winds up like Jason Street. He is thinking of this as a stepping stone to the NFL, telling Mama that she doesn't get it and is only keeping him grounded.

The next day, Mrs. Williams goes to see Eric. She says that Coach promised the parents that the staff would keep recruiting under control. Mama tells him how all the schools are talking about Smash going pro, and not about education. She reminds Coach that Smash doesn't have a father to talk to, and asks him for his help.

Eric interrupts Smash and the Miami Southern coach at the diner, sternly reminding them that the coach can't buy breakfast. Miami Southern coach promptly leaves. Eric tells Smash that he's one of the best athletes he's ever coached, but has got to keep his focus throughout this process. Coach says he's there for Smash... then makes sure Smash buys his own darn breakfast.

That night is Pantherama and the whole town is on hand. En route, Julie refers to Mr. Barnett by his first name, Noah, and Tami is not pleased. Eric then takes her to task over her story, calling it unbalanced.

The football players come out for their little routine, which starts out as a typical group dance routine and turns into a striptease. The crowd roars with approval, although Tami shoots Tyra and Lyla an evil glare.

When Matt walks Grandma to the car afterwards, he thanks the nurse for her help, then kisses her. She pulls away, surprised, and says she'll see him back at the house. But it wasn't all a negative reaction. The next morning, the nurse is trading small touches and interested glances at Matt.

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