Gossip Girl Round Table: "Seventeen Candles"

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Welcome to the fourth Gossip Girl Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the Penn Badgley) is a catch, but have some respect for Serena and give him some space, Vanessa. Girl power.

LovelyLively: I go back and forth on this. She's a very nice, down-to-Earth gal, yet an obstacle standing in the way of Dan and Serena's love. Which, if you love that couple like I do, makes V my enemy.

GossipGuy: No, but I do like her eyes.

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Should Rufus give Allison another chance?
LovelyLively: I think so. It's hard to throw away a marriage after hard times resulting of complicated circumstances - even if that led to some awful decisions. They'd know it if they were through. Despite their issues, Rufus wants to give Alison another chance and she wants to take it. Enough said.

GossipGuy: No. I'm all about family first and what not, but unfortunately Allison was not. I think Dan's speech put it best.� And besides, have you seen the chemistry between Rufus and Lily?� We need to get those two together!!

DANdy: No. His children are old enough now where the best lesson he can team them is this: actions have consequences. Always be aware of them and take responsibility for them. Jenny and Dan might benefit from having a mom around, but they'll benefit more from seeing those words come to life. Goodbye, Alison.

Serena and Vanessa
Serena has mad Guitar Hero skillz. What song would you most like to play in honor of your favorite character?
: I'm going to have to actually go with Vanessa's choice of "Cherry Pie" by Warrant, in honor of Blair.� If you need an explanation of why, just take her to a burlesque house.

DANdy: This warning goes out to Mr. Archibald: "Cat's in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin.
LovelyLively: On a bleak, drizzly, late-autumn day in the Northeast, I'm feeling a little "November Rain" coming on in honor of young Mr. Archibald. Nothing lasts forever, Nate, and we both know hearts can change.

Will Blair and Chuck date?
DANdy: Twice a week in the back of his limo, definitely.

LovelyLively: Chuck rules. Somehow the writers managed to make him express his (sincere) feelings for Blair while leaving the smarminess we love intact. I'd love to see where this goes between Chuck and Blair at least. The only problem? There's not a lot by way of couple names. Bluck? Bassdorf?

GossipGuy: Absolutely.� I think whether they like to admit it, these two characters were meant for each other.� They're both so deliciously evil.� They'll go great together.

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Yeah I'm sorry about that. But look, if you're done with Blair... be done. Don't cater to your parents wishes if they're not your desires.


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