Jordin Sparks Talk About on New Album, Success

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Here's an excerpt from an interview Jordin Sparks recently gave to BuddyTV. She speaks about her album and rise to stardom in it...

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Ever since American Idol ended it's kind of been a whirlwind. You had the tour and then recording. How much influence did you get in the song writing process and picking and choosing your songs of what was going to be on the album?
Actually I feel very lucky because I got a lot more say than I thought I was going to get n the album. And I had an opportunity to write, which they said that usually don't get a chance to write on the first album. So I feel very lucky with that to.

So I came out here after the tour; I came out here for about a week and I got to write some songs and record some songs. One of the songs on the album is called “Freeze” and I co-wrote that with Amanda Ghost who wrote “Tattoo.” And it's basically about freezing the moment and just soaking up all the details and trying to remember everything. And there's no part more to my life than right now because I can't believe it's almost been a year already and I can't remember what I've done, like half of what I've done. So, it's been pretty crazy.

And there are two songs that are being used for bonus, one of them I wrote and the other one I co-wrote. So I'm very excited about that. And it terms of the songs, I have a lot of say of the songs that are on my album because I had to like them and they had to be me, so.

The songs, basically they would play them for me and I'd be like: ‘Yeah, I really like that. Let's do that one,' or ‘No I don't like that.' And if they liked a song that I didn't like, I'd be like: ‘Okay, well tell me why you liked this,' and they they'd ask me why I didn't like it and we would kind of compromise.

What usually happened was I would put my voice on it, and if it would grow on me then we'd be like: ‘Okay. I can totally see that. I can totally see why you like it.' If it didn't, then we kind of tossed it.

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