Round Table: "How Did I Get Here"

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As fans gather in the forum to discuss each character and story line, the Friday Night Lights Insider staff comes together each week to share its thoughts and favorite moments from best show on TV in a Round Table format.

Round Table topics for "How Did I Get Here" include Landry's dad, Riggins' world of problems, Street's search for the new Street, and Matt's love life ...

1. Did Landry's dad do the right thing?

pantherpride4lyfe: Yes. The murder was heinous and the cover-up dubious, but Landry Clarke going down for this crime would serve very little purpose.

ClearEyes: Yes. He knows his son, he knows right from wrong, and he knows the victim in this case was a rapist. Cops must make tough decisions sometimes, but I've watched enough Reno 911! to believe they understand morally gray areas and can act accordingly.

Saracen7: This was a no-win situation. Obstruct justice or let your own son take the fall for a crime that - while terrible - could have been called self-defense if not for their disposal of the body? Landry and Tyra deserve punishment, but far less than the system would dole out. Thus, a father's love for his son trumped all.

Up in Flames

2. When (if at all) will Tim Riggins be allowed back on the team?

Saracen7: Working out with Santiago will definitely help his efforts, but it's going to take a lot for Big Rig to get back into Coach's good graces.

ClearEyes: Never. Riggins will take over Street's abandoned position as assistant coach, finally putting others ahead of himself.

pantherpride4lyfe: Not soon enough for the Smash. Two-zero needs to find those holes when he gets the ball! Unfortunately, neither Brian nor Tim himself can do much to persuade Coach, who doesn't cave to public pressure easily.

3. Where will Jason Street find the new Jason Street?

ClearEyes: On the quad rugby court. That was the only time since his injury when Street has felt alive. Hit the gym, Jason. Hit it hard.

pantherpride4lyfe: Coaching seemed like a good fit for Street, who's a natural on the sidelines. But after quitting twice, his future with the Panthers remains to be seen. Maybe he'll decide to become a teacher or a counselor, like Tami.

Saracen7: Jason is the most fascinating character on the show, played amazingly by Scott Porter. As Eric said, Jason lifts up everyone around him. It's just a matter of him finding out how to best channel that gift.

4. Better new Matt Saracen love interest: Lauren the cheerleader or Carlotta the in-home care aide?

pantherpride4lyfe: Who would've guessed that we'd have a Matt Saracen love triangle that didn't involve Julie Taylor? Nice wrinkle by the producers. While I loved the "Latina heat" angle introduced a few weeks back, he is QB-One of the Dillon Panthers. No way he can't get with some cheerleaders, right?

Saracen7: I love Matt and Julie, and think they will be reunited at some point soon, but given those two options, I'll date Carlotta. Not a Lauren fan!

ClearEyes: Carlotta. She's a caring, strong, independent woman. Lauren is just a new student in school seeking popularity by dating the quarterback.

Sad Julie

The many Matt Saracen love interests: Lauren, Julie and Carlotta.

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