As he drives back to Texas from Mexico with Tim and Lyla, Jason has an identity crisis as he's nearing his 19th birthday. At the Taylors, Tami is getting ready to go back to work while her sister Shelly comes to town to help out with Gracie. Eric opens his paycheck and sees that he's been given a drastic, unexplained pay cut.

Buddy tells Eric that the booster club's funds are depleted at the moment, having had to buy McGregor off. Buddy promises to fix it... and on a side note wants Eric to check out Santiago - the boy Lyla befriended on his way out of juvenile detention - as a possible new Panthers prospect. As Coach and his staff work Santiago out, he tells Riggins to get off his field right now. Tim's locker has already been cleaned out - he's off the team.

Lyla asks Tim to help Santiago, who's got a lot of athletic ability but not a lot of experience in terms of football skills. He scoffs, tells her he's not on the team and asks why he should help someone else get on it.

Eric tells Jason he needs him to help coach. He needs someone that knows the team, and that he can trust.

At school, a new girl in town and member of the cheerleading team named Lauren introduces herself to Matt. She's cute and he's flattered. Julie goes to see Matt at the Alamo Freeze and apologizes. Jules tells Matt she hopes at some point they can be friends again. Saracen manages a half smile and tells her he hopes so too.

Shelly is clearly causing some friction between Julie and Tami. She offers to take Julie to South America on a trip originally meant for Tami, then asks Julie to go to a Dixie Chicks concert when Tami can't go. Tami's sad because as wonderful as being a mom is, her sister is a free spirit and unattached, and conversely, Tami has two decades of parenting to go now that she has Gracie.

After a horrible practice, Smash goes to Coach's office and asks that Tim be let back on the team. Eric says that Smash's blocking will be taken care of by the staff and promptly throws Williams out. Smash then goes to visit Tim and invites him to dinner with his Mama to talk sense into him.

Buddy tells Eric that there is no more coaching money in the budget... but he did find a little bit set aside in the Athletic Director fund. Buddy assures Coach that he won't have to do much, that it's just a title, and that the extra money will bring him close to what he was making before, and that it's temporary. Eric Taylor is now football coach as well as the new A.D., ladies and gentlemen!

Mr. Clarke ask a sullen Landry what's going on. Landry tells his dad about Tyra dumping him.

At the police station, a Midland officer helping with the murder investigation informs the Dillon PD that the coroner found car seat fibers in the zipper of the dead guy's jacket, presumably from the killer's car. They tell him it's from a late-model GMC wagon and the wheels immediately start turning in Mr. Clarke's head.

Landry's dad tells him what the detectives found and Landry cries, telling his dad what happened but that he never meant it to. Mr. Clarke tells him they need to take a drive. Now. They drive to the middle of nowhere, where Mr. Clarke pours douses the car in gasoline and sets it ablaze. A father's love for his son trumps all.

At Jason's birthday party Lauren is all over Matt. Later in the car, they are kissing and Julie walks by and sees them. She's really upset and she goes off with Tyra. Their plans are to get ice cream and to watch Thelma and Louise. Also unhappy at the event is Street himself. There is film playing from Jason's football glory days at the party, which makes Street wonder who he even is anymore.

The next day, Jason goes to Eric's office and brings him a box with all his tapes, trophies and stuff. He tells him to use it with the new players, and that he's quitting coaching, saying he needs to find the new Jason. Eric says he'll hold on to his stuff until Jason comes back to pick it up.

The girls soccer coach bursts into Coach's office and she's mad as hell at the Athletic Director. Eric realizes who that is now. She complains about the disparities in the programs, and how the football team is flush while her team is short funds and equipment. She leaves, the other coaches razz Eric and he says he's gonna kill Buddy.

Finally, Tim is sitting on the bench, drinking beer, when he sees Santiago come out and attempt some blocking drills. Tim gets up and gives him some pointers. Smash and Matt join them and together they run some plays. Eric walks by, stops to watch, then invites Santiago to join the team for practice. Tim asks if he's back on the team, Eric says no way, but Tim continues to work with the guys.

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