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The Private Practice Insider Round Table is back! While fans of the show gather in the forum to discuss the show, our staff has come together to analyze the key moments and stories from last night's Private Practice.

Topics in this edition, based on "In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole," include Dr. King's attitude, Cooper's endearing qualities, and Addison-Pete ...

1. Will Charlotte King's experience with the resident "quack" result in any newfound respect for the Oceanside docs?

2aTAYE: Only for Pete. If you know what I mean!

Oceanside Guy: Well, maybe for one of them. She acts like a hard-ass, but Dr. King definitely wants to get Wilder with a certain doc now. Think about it.

McWings: Hard to say. Deep down, she has to know Pete's methods have at least some validity now, right? I mean, nothing else worked. Plus, he's so hot!

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2. Is Dell taking his obsession with Naomi too far?

McWings: Yeah. Sooner or later it's going to adversely impact the practice. Dell will eventually get bitter that she won't reciprocate his feelings, or she'll hook up with him in a moment of weakness. It won't end well either way.

2aTAYE: No. He's being forthright, but respectful. I'm curious where this story line goes because Dell is obviously a great, dedicated individual. But he and Naomi can't really date... can they?

Oceanside Guy: He's getting close to crossing that line, but he hasn't poisoned Sam or blown up his car yet, so we can still consider Dell harmless.

3. How much do you love Cooper?

Oceanside Guy: A lot! Since the writers have downplayed his Internet love woes somewhat and shown us the real Cooper, we've gotten to know a sweet, sensitive and funny guy. He's been a surprising, great part of Private Practice so far.

2aTAYE: Enough that I'm thinking of posting an ad on an online dating agency. "Television critic in the market for deep conversation, humor, sincerity, help tracking down Kate Walsh nude pictures."

McWings: Not as much as Violet does. Even if she doesn't realize it yet!

4. Will Pete give Addison the "whole life" she wants?

McWings: Maybe, but it won't be soon - she and Pete still have to work through their respective commitment issues. Lest we forget, for all her talk of being the marrying kind, that it didn't go so well for Addy the last time around.

Oceanside Guy: If he doesn't, there's something wrong with him. Look at those eyes in the photo below ... could you say no to that? I think not.

2aTAYE: Let's not forget history here: Addison Montgomery-Shepherd cheated on Derek (with his best friend!) because she wasn't receiving the attention she wanted. Therefore, considering the commitment issues Pete suffers from, disaster could be ahead for this potential couple. Addison should go for someone because he's fully focused on her, not because he works next door.

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