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In an unusual twist, Dr. Charlotte King becomes a patient and seeks Pete's help in treating her insomnia. But what can he do about it when she simply derides everything he stands for? Sick and tired of her annoying sleep disorder, the Chief of Staff at nearby St. Ambrose decides to enlist the help of Oceanside's alternative medicine specialist. A small problem? She doesn't believe he's anything more than a quack.

After trying everything - stimulating the sleep centers of her brain, tonics, meditations - Pete talks with some of his cohorts and finally helps Charlotte crash by helping her realize that she has been sorely lacking for affection, male companionship. Of course, even after she does wake up, she's unwilling to acknowledge that he did anything... she does say she's "covering her bases" when she stops by for some prescribed medicine later.

Coming to grips with her divorce, Naomi begins to open herself and goes out on her very first date since she was still in college. However, this is not where she wants to be. Her heart's not in it. On the other hand, there is little doubt as to where Dell's heart lies. Cute surfer boy wants to be just one place in life. With Naomi.

The receptionist / intern / aspiring midwife makes everything just so in the morning, including getting Naomi her coffee, and confesses to her that he does it for her. Sam is aware this is going on but Naomi says she can't take it seriously, despite her liking Dell's affection. Sam lashes out at Dell for interjecting his opinion on a case, but at the end, gives him a pat on the back to show he appreciates how Dell cares for Naomi and for the practice.

When a teenager comes to the clinic with a broken arm, Cooper finds himself confounded with the girl's physical problem. He believes it is a result of abuse and not an accident, as the girl and her mother - who is Sam's patient, and who is suffering from MS - claim. Reluctantly, he blows the whistle and calls Child Protective Services.

This leads to Coop's testimony in court against the mother. In his medical opinion, he says the girl has been and is being abused. The teenager then admits her mother has abused her privately, to Cooper, but says it's okay as she has MS and her life sucks. Cooper testifies and makes a special point of saying this is not okay. Sam blows off the mother having realized (after feuding with him over the issue) that Cooper was right. He didn't want to see it.

Addison and Naomi encounter a woman who asks them to keep her child-bearing capacity a secret from her husband. She thinks she has Huntington's Disease and does not want to die and pass along her gene to her children who would also die prematurely. So she asks the doctors to tell her husband that he's sterile. They refuse, and she runs away.

Ultimately, Addison and Naomi convince her to tell the truth, and she does. The husband, while saddened by her afflictions, is happy to take her back and make a baby with her in spite of the future physical problems posed by the potentially terminal illness. Addison and Naomi talk about living the "whole life" they dream of, despite the roadblocks in the way.

As the night concludes, they are all enjoying cocktails at Sam's and talking about life. Pete kisses Addison on the beach. Addison pulls back, though, because she wants what she wants. Addison is the marrying kind... not into just having fun. Not anymore. Pete looks at her in bewilderment, but you can tell that he's in deep. Sam even tells him he is. What's next for these two?

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