Grey's Anatomy Spoiler Chat: Tomorrow Night

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Kristin Veitch of E! Online, who just brought us an interview with Lauren Stamile, now has some more scoop on her character as well as Thursday's new episode in her spoiler chat.

The episode, "Lay Your Hands On Me," which has become the de facto Grey's Anatomy Season Four finale due to the writers' strike, has been more than a month in the making.

If you don't want to read Grey's Anatomy spoilers and possibly alter your viewing experience, feel free to stop here. Follow the jump if you wish to keep reading about it...

Q: Thanks for the great interview with Lauren Stamile. She's adorable. Can we start a petition now for her to stay on the show?

A: You bet. FYI, I'm told the original plan for Lauren was for about seven episodes, possibly more if the Der-Rose chemistry was "humming." When you see this week's ep, I think you'll know which way producers are heading. (Hint: They dig her.) So, Lourdes, mon petit fromage, I think you'll get your wish, and we'll get much more of Rose when the show returns (whenever that may be).

Q: You said something bad happens to Bailey in the next Grey's Anatomy. She's not getting sick or dying, is she?

A: Hell, no. She's alive and kickin'. In fact, she'll exhibit some of that superhuman strength that often happens when, say, a mother needs to lift a car off her baby. And yes, that's an intentional comparison. It will be heart wrenchingâ€"and the last ep we'll get 'til the bad thing ends... so, enjoy. And bring a hanky.

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