Kimberly McCullough Shares Favorite General Hospital Story of 2007, More

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Kimberly McCullough has seemingly spent her entire life in front of a soap opera camera. She debuted at the age of 7.

Now, of course, the character of Robin Scorpio is pregnant on General Hospital. She recently recounted her top five moments in show history. Here's her favorite story from 2007:

"I liked the very first girls' night out. It was the Patrick fantasy scenes where Becky (Herbst, Elizabeth), Natty (Livingston, Emily), Minae Noji, Kelly, Kent King, Lainey and I all got to make out with Jason Thompson. That was so great. It was the first time I got to really work with all of the girls at once.

We all got together in my dressing room that morning and started to run lines. That's how we really started to bond as friends in real life. It was from that moment. I remember we all went out to lunch, after we did the scenes. Jason was the only guy there. It was hilarious.

He was sitting there with five women that he just made out with. We were teasing him, asking him who was the best kisser and really giving him a hard time. He was like, 'Somehow I feel like I should just buy lunch.' And he did."

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