Randy Jackson Responds to Chris Daughtry

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Randy Jackson Pic
Chris Daughtry recently took a slight swipe at American Idol, saying it had lost a lot of momentum.

While the singer retracted those comments a bit, we'd imagine they still stung folks like Randy Jackson. But the American Idol judge said the following in response:

“I love Chris. I think he made an amazing record that he sold extremely well,” Jackson said. “He’s a testament to the fact that no matter where you finish on Idol - even if you finish twelfth - if you make a great record and you got that kind of exposure, the public will resoundingly buy it. But the bottom line is there would be no Chris Daughtry if there wasn’t American Idol.”

Jackson went on to say that American Idol is still a great opportunity for young singers trying to break in to the business:

“I did A&R at record companies for fifteen years. No company was out looking for these kids. I’m sure you can ask any of the winners or the runners-up: were you trying to get a record deal before American Idol? I’m sure they will all say ‘Yes.’ Were you successful? I’m sure they’ll all say ‘No.’

So now we’ve got all these people, and guess what brought them here? The quickest rocket ship to the top.”

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