Kellie Pickler Offers Advice to American Idol Finalists

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Kellie and Katharine
Kellie Pickler has the following message for this season's American Idol finalists:

“Going through that whole process and literally overnight you’re on 30-40 million television sets ever week — it’s not necessarily you that changes but it’s the people around you that change,” Pickler told People magazine.

Her advice to this season's top 24?

“Stay away from mean people! Of course that’s with any profession,” she said, noting that it’s important to “surround yourself with people that support you and pray for you.”

Since her success on American Idol, Pickler added that she has “ lost so many people. No one that I was close with before am I even remotely close to now. I have maybe three people in my life now that have been amazing through the whole process.”

Meanwhile, Pickler was “honored” to have been a bridesmaid at Katharine's McPhee’s recent wedding to producer Nick Cokas.

“Kat and I were roommates (on Idol) and built a bond that I was not able to build with anyone else on the show,” said Pickler. “She instantly became like a big sister to me and Nick became like a big brother. I’m so blessed to have them in my life.”

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