Reality TV Recaps: Project Runway, Big Brother, America's Next Top Model

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What a night it was for reality TV! And we're not even counting the performance of Brooke White on last night's American Idol. Just check out the recaps for these heavyweights in the genre...

Project Runway: This was the first part of the Project Runway finale. Our final four designers decided to go dark, goth-glam this year. Keep in mind this is the winter Bryant Park show. -- TV Guide


Big Brother: We start this episode after the veto ceremony. In the diary room, Josh explains that Matt and Natalie and Alex and Amanda are both strong couples, and the powerful foursome needs to get broken up. Alex wants to stay, but he doesn't want to campaign against his friend. -- Reality News Online


America's Next Top Model: The girls made their way to New York and the pad they are living in is gorgeous. However, there's a catch. The sleeping arrangements are far from ideal. There's one room with two to three bunk beds and there's another room with a single ginormous bed where the girls who don't get a bunk are going to have to sleep -- TV Squad

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