One Life to Live Spoilers: Teen Sex Alert!

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Jamie Lynn Spears will be a fan of One Life to Live this week:

In a controversial story line, 16-year-old Starr will sleep with longtime beau Cole in an upcoming episode. If that's not shocking enough, Todd — not known for his calm demeanor — catches them.

"They never think that anyone is going to come and find them," says Brandon Buddy (Cole).

Pick up the latest issue of Soap Opera Weekly to see what else Buddy and Kristen Alderson (pictured, Starr) have to say about the life-changing events in store for their characters.

We'll let you know if we hear from Jamie Lynn about it.

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One Life To Live Quotes

Antonio: What would you call that, Jessica?
Jessica: Doing what I have to do. Mitch has hurt my family in every way possible and I want to make sure that not only does he pay, that he never hurts my family again.
Antonio: Oh yeah? Well, not tonight you're not.

Natalie: Everything's going to be fine, guys. Just - just do what he says.
Flash: How can you be so calm?
Natalie: I don't know if I am calm, okay? I just - I've been through worse.
Flash: Yeah? Like what?
Natalie: Oh, like being strapped to a table and your grandfather ready to cut your heart out.
Flash: Oh. Yeah, you got me beat, then. Never mind