Paula Abdul Ruins American Idol

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Last night, the American Idol finalists sung two Neil Diamond songs each. After the first round of performances, they lined up on stage as the judges gave a quick critique of the opening renditions.

Paula Abdul initially criticized a lack of passion in the performance by Jason Castro... and then continued to bash the dreadlocked singer for his second song of the evening, WHICH HADN'T TAKEN PLACE YET!

As Randy, Ryan - and every American Idol producer, we're sure - scrambled to cover for Abdul, she rambled something about reading her notes for David Cook's audition by accident. But it was too late. The gaffe made it apparent that Paula actually reads notes based on the finalists' rehearsals, not their actual performances.

Take a look and decide for yourself:


In reality, of course, American Idol will carry on for years despite Abdul's flub last night. But will that insane judge be part of it in the future? Do you think she should be?

Let us know.

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