Round Table: "Where The Wild Things Are"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about the key moments and share their opinions regarding the latest episode of our favorite drama.

Round Table topics for "Where The Wild Things Are" include George and Lexie living together, Izzie's blunder, and the hotness of Alex and Derek...

1. Is Izzie the worst doctor in history?

McCritic: Doc Ock was responsible for hundreds of deaths in Spider-Man 2. And Dr. Kevorkian was licensed in assisted suicide. But neither killed his fiance, nor did either man accomplish the seemingly impossible task of causing Cheech Marin to be anything but laid back and happy. Makes this an Izzie choice.

iheartizzie: I heart Izzie, but she's in the running. If she hadn't funded the free clinic, or she weren't signed to a six-year contract, she'd be out the door.

missingBurke: No. That's gotta be Sydney Heron. No one is that perky.

2. George and Lexie: Cute, boring or annoying?

iheartizzie: A little annoying, if only because of the living situation. It doesn't make sense. Surgical interns don't rake in big bucks, but they generally receive paychecks. Big enough paychecks so as to expand one's housing options beyond Fight Club style dumps. We know George O'Malley is impulsive, but no way does he go in there, look around and sign a lease. Did anyone see that fridge?

McCritic: Cute. Please don't mess up this burgeoning friendship by sleeping with Lexie, George. You've really gotta stop doing that with your roommates.

missingBurke: Lexie was kind of annoying me last night, but redeemed herself by yoinking Rose's flowers. Way to go girl!

Younger Dr. Grey

3. How long could you look into McDreamy's eyes without sleeping with him?

missingBurke: ... wait, sorry ... what? I was too mesmerized by McDreamy for a moment there to notice the third question.

McCritic: That's none of your business. Let's focus on Rose instead: Honey, Shonda Rhimes has admitted that you're nothing but a stop gap before Derek and Meredith end up together. Being alone with McDreamy for 2.5 seconds without getting him McNaked is just embarrassing. You gotta get yours while you can.

iheartizzie: A good couple of minutes. I pride myself on my will power.

4. Addison's return next week: Cheap plot device or HOT plot device?

McCritic: Can't it be both? Lindsay Lohan is.

iheartizzie: Maybe a tad unrealistic, but who cares!? Addison was much better on Grey's Anatomy than the ill-conceived Private Practice. Maybe she'll decide to stick around Seattle Grace for good. Wishful thinking...

missingBurke: Cheap. No, hot... maybe a little of both! Shonda, can you give us a little Mark Sloan-Addison on-call room action for old times' sake next week? PLEASE!!

5. Do you prefer Alex Karev with or without the facial hair?

missingBurke: Alex Karev is hot either way, but the new look suits him. At least he went all-in instead of just the dumb goatee.

McCritic: I prefer him involved in more significant story lines than the peripheral scenes he's stuck in week after week. But let's go with the facial hair. It accentuates his tough exterior.

iheartizzie: With. Somehow it adds to his "scrappy" persona.

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Mark: I don't like her. I'm sorry, but as your friend it's my job to say I don't like Rose.
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