Brooke White Wants to Save the World

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Lost in the excitement over David Cook and David Archuleta is news on other American Idol finalists from season seven. For example, here's an impressive look at what Brooke White is up to:

The talented singer has teamed up with Idol Gives Back and Malaria No More, to launch the “Save The World Summer” campaign.  The initiative seeks to encourage kids to utilize their summer vacation in order to raise money for charitable causes.

A Great Heart

Specially, the “Save the World Summer” campaign is focusing on the impoverished in Africa; the participant that raises the most bed nets for Malaria No More will receive two tickets to next year’s American Idol finale.

“It’s empowering for kids to learn how they can take simple steps to make a huge impact, be it through providing food for a hungry family, planting a tree to combat global warming or donating a bed net to protect a child from malaria," White said.

"By learning that every individual can make a difference, they are learning what I learned through my experience on American Idol—that anything is possible.”

Review more information about the “Save the World Summer” campaign and all the rules and regulations involving the American Idol finale ticket prize at the charity's official website.

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