David Archuleta is Kissless

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David Archuleta recently gave an interview to Seventeen.

We've excerpted parts of it below, but one response stands out the most: the 17-year old American Idol finalist says he's never kissed a girl.

We can think of a few million females that would like to change that...

When was your first kiss?
I haven’t had a first kiss.

What's the girly movie you secretly love?
I only know of one, and it was good: A Walk to Remember. I hear so much about The Notebook, but I've never seen it. That's the one all the girls were like, "Aww!"

What's your dream job?

To be doing what I am now, only more developed and have more experience in this. But this is my dream job, that's what's funny about it! I never thought I'd be here. I’m in the recording studio right now, just looking at the mics and the headphones and it’s crazy! If not music, I think it would be pretty cool to be an ear, nose, and throat doctor.

Innocent David

Who wants to be the first to kiss David Archuleta?

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