Big Brother 10 Recap: Battle of the Brains

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NOTE: We use the term "brains" loosely. It was Keesha and Jessie, after all.

Lots of talk, no action. Last night's Big Brother 10 episode can be summed up that simply. Keesha (below) is Head of Household, having just nominated Jessie Godderz (for obvious reasons) and Angie (for no reason).

From the moment the nominations were made, Jessie was up in Keesha's grill and looking like he might fly into a fit of 'roid rage and murder the nice Hooters girl at any moment. She's really un-hot, BT-Dubs.

Big Brother: Keesha

Keesha rules the Big Brother 10 house this week.

It was all for naught, however, when Keesha herself lucked into a victory in the (gross) Power of Veto competition and declined to use the PoV on either Jessie or Angie. It will all come down to Thursday's vote.

No matter how hard he tried, Jessie Godderz could not persuade Keesha to put Libra on the block instead. His point is simple, and probably true: Libra sucks and can't be trusted. Yet Keesha stuck to "her word."

As for Angie, no one seems to know why she's on the block to begin with. Will she prevail in a vote against Jessie Godderz? Stay tuned.

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