Rick Springfield Returns to General Hospital

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Rick Springfield is back on General Hospital. The singer is, once again, portraying Dr. Noah Drake and rock star Eli Love.

As TV Guide reports, the latter turns out to be a major ageist pig. Eli will perform a concert in Port Charles on July 29 and he'll deny to the press that he's dating his ladylove Anna (Finola Hughes, pictured with him here). The reason?

Her daughter, Robin (Kimberly McCullough), is pregnant.

"Eli is afraid it'll do damage to his career to be seen hanging out with a grandma — what will his young fans think?" Springfield said. "It was a hard thing for me to play because it's such a jerky thing to do."

He couldn't get away with this in real life.

"Are you kidding? My fans would never put up with that," the actor/singer said. "A lot of them are grandmas!"

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