Angie, Not Jessie Godderz, Evicted on Big Brother 10

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Day 24 in the Big Brother 10 house was a memorable one.

Nominees Angie and Jessie awaited their fate, but first another Jerry fight - and an earthquake - shook things up.

Even after Keesha didn’t use the Power of Veto on him, Jessie was nervous but confident, while Angie seemed less so, telling Michelle not to vote to keep her if the rest of the house was against her.

Some time later, Angie and Jerry were chatting strategy outside. Jerry said this week was not his choice and that things change week to week - her game isn’t over until she's out the door, Jerry urged.

He also said that Jessie, Michelle and Memphis (among a few unnamed others) were too cocky last week. More Jerry drama subsequently began as some of those “cocky” people heard his comments.

In Keesha’s room, meanwhile, Jessie Godderz said he felt he was going to be the one leaving. Then Memphis came in and told Keesha he heard Jerry tell Angie she may not be sent packing after all.

Big Brother: Angie

Right before the ballots were cast, Angie made a final plea - that only one person can win this game — not an alliance. She told them to look at who is the biggest roadblock in the way of their victory.

A fair point, yes. But it did nothing, as Angie was unanimously voted out and Jessie Godderz lived to fight another week.

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