Big Brother 10: Double Elimination Recap

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Last night's double elimination episode of Big Brother was non-stop drama, but because of what happened in the Head of Household challenge, and then the Power of Veto challenge, the end result was in a sense inevitable.

Follow the jump to see which two house guests were eliminated, which five remain, and how it all went down on Big Brother 10 ...

Michelle Costa
Ollie (Big Brother)

To the surprise of no one (well, at least not to the surprise of Reality TV Scoop), Michelle Costa and Brian Ollie are out the door.

First, Michelle was evicted by a vote of 3-1, with the lone vote coming from Ollie. Michelle expected it and seemed resigned to her fate.

With Dan Gheesling sitting out, the new Head of Household battle went down. Ollie, Jerry, Memphis, Renny and Keesha fought it out.

After a ridiculous trivia contest that seemed devoid of any point, Keesha Smith won the second tie-breaker, giving the Hooters waitress HoH.

Keesha nominated Ollie and Jerry.

The Power of Veto game was simple. In the backyard, each houseguest stood in front of their very own sectioned off strip of hay.

In each strip of hay were two PoV medallions. The first person to bring back each PoV medallion, separately, to the start won veto power.

Dan edged out Memphis for the veto win but pocketed it. The nominations set forth by Keesha were left intact and the wheels in motion.

Unanimously, Ollie was eliminated.

All that remains are Dan, Jerry, Memphis, Renny and Keesha. Stay tuned!

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