Big Brother 10 Recap: Long Live Dan and Jerry!

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Last night on Big Brother 10, the screaming and bickering reached extreme levels - even by Big Brother standards, people.

Jessie Godderz stirred up trouble between Libra, Keesha, and April, which turned into an all out war. Memphis remains bitter and Jaded.

Soon enough, Jerry and Renny were involved and yelling, too.

America’s Player, a.k.a. Dan, had to hug a player for 10 seconds and the US of A chose ... Jessie Godderz, obviously!

Dan had to make up a story about his girlfriend and Jessie fell for it ... they actually hugged for 17 seconds. Go Dan!

Later, during the PoV competition, eliminated players received prizes but could trade them for anything else.

Jerry MacDonald

When Libra won, she was horrified to find the Jen-Sheila red unitard as her "prize." She took Michelle’s Hawaiian vacation. That move proved to be the thing that sent Michelle off the deep end.

As for the veto competition itself, April's fears of her alliance losing out were assuaged when Libra, April and Jerry MacDonald (pictured) were somehow the last three standing in the hockey-themed PoV battle.

Jerry won a letter from home, but quickly gave it up to take the PoV, which was sitting in Jessie's hands. He did not use it at the ceremony and kept April's nominations intact, as she wanted.

Will it be Memphis Garrett or Jessie Godderz going home?

As the credits rolled last night, both seemed to think they have the votes to remain in the house. Should be interesting.

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