Big Brother Power Rankings!

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Our Big Brother power rankings from top to bottom (note that due to insane nature of show, these may change in a matter of minutes) ...

9. Libra Thompson. Forget that she's apparently named after a zodiac sign, she is universally maligned and going home tonight, in all likelihood.

8. Keesha Smith. She's #8 by default here, being up on the block and all. We do not expect her to go home tonight, but Keesha gets upset too often to steer clear of disaster for too much longer.

7. Jerry MacDonald. He's turned into a bit of a loose cannon, not to mention an ornery fella. His rampage against Dan was hypocritical and, well, a little nutso. Then again, the man keeps winning the PoV somehow.

6. April Dowling. April is the true puppet-master, slyly pitting people against each other. But that has a high probability of backfiring eventually. Should Keesha win HoH, April and Ollie could end up on the block.

5. Bryan Ollie. He's slept with a married woman and tangs April on national TV. If April is evicted, he might be able to salvage his game.

Dan Gheesling Picture
Big Brother: Keesha
Libra Thompson
Jerry MacDonald
Memphis Garrett

4. Michelle Costa. Her odd relationship with Jessie Godderz did not do her any favors. She's also prone to completely unnecessary outbursts. But she is mostly just annoying and not thought of as a real threat - the kind of person that can stick around a lot longer than you'd guess.

3. Renny Martyn. After a rough start, Renny Martyn has surprisingly become a relaxed voice of reason in the house, sort of what we expected Jerry would be, before he went off the deep end apparently.

2. Memphis Garrett. Jerry called this early on. Memphis might have this game locked up as he's stayed out of all conflicts, is on good terms with most everyone in the house, and has removed the target from his back.

1. Dan Gheesling. We know America's Player is almost asking to get kicked off, but he's sly and able to remain calmer than most when the going gets tough. Right now Dan is our #1, although that may be due in part to entertainment value. Rankings subject to change at a moment's notice.

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