The Best and Worst of Reality TV

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Reality TV fans have spoken.

In an AOL poll that was conducted from July 9-23 and attracted more than 1.3 million votes, viewers tabbed Flavor of Love as the worst of the worst.

34% of respondents voted Flavor of Love as the worst reality show this season. Moreover, 57% of pollsters deemed the series as the one that they'd would least like to be on, while 44% thought the show had the scariest star.

Flavor Flav Photo

Not that any of this bothers Flavor Flav himself. Said the man who's actually set to be married soon:

“I feel good right now that I got my true love.  I wanna be with her forever and ever and ever, man.”

As for the show that was considered the best on reality TV? No shock here. One-third of those asked named American Idol as their favorite.

Do you agree with these selections?

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