Big Brother Power Rankings: All That Remain

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With only three contestants remaining on Big Brother 10, Reality TV Scoop's power rankings are probably a pretty pointless exercise by now.

However, having accurately predicted Dan's rise to the top - and the last two evictions of both Renny and Keesha - we're going for it again!

Jerry MacDonald
Memphis Garrett
Dan Gheesling Picture

One of these three will win $500,000, and another $50,000.

3. Jerry MacDonald. Amazing run, but it's got to be over. Right? We've been saying it for weeks, but there are only three guys remaining, and two of them are allied. So it seems like a safe bet that Jerry's finally done.

2. Memphis Garrett. Memphis has schemed, conned, scratched and clawed his way to the finish. An impressive feat, to be sure, but we don't see him being viewed as favorably by the jury house. That means ...

1. Dan Gheesling. Our #1 for some time, Dan Gheesling seems headed for half a million, barring an unforseen catastrophe. He's played the game smarter and better from the beginning. What do you think?

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