Big Brother Recap: The Renegades Roll

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Ladies and gentlemen, The Renegades!

Dan Gheesling and Memphis Garrett took the Big Brother house by storm from the beginning, and the only thing up in the air last night was which would be given the symbolic final Head of Household title.

After Keesha Smith's “surprise” eviction, Dan pretends that he's pissed at Memphis, giving Jerry hope in the process. He goes a little bit overboard, but Jerry MacDonald doesn't really respond to subtlety.

It appeared to be work. The first part of the final HoH had Jerry, Memphis and Dan holding onto a fake plane. Jerry fell off early. The Renegade plan was for Memphis to fall next, and he did. Dan wins!

That set up a Jerry versus Memphis battle. It was a lopsided affair. The challenge was (while wearing boxing gloves) to knock down every hopeful except each week's HoH and final nominated houseguests. 

Memphis Garrett dreams of a Big Brother title.

Memphis absolutely thrashed Jerry to set up the final Head of Household competition, which turned out to be a moot point. 

Dan and Memphis were home free, but had to play it out. Dan and Memphis faced off. Dan was the victor and evicted Jerry.

The Renegades are the final two. Who will win $500K?

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