Taylor Hicks is OK!

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Taylor Hicks is now a New York City resident.

In a new interview with OK!, the former American Idol champion talks about dating in The Big Apple. Take notes, ladies.

On dating in NYC: It’s been really tough… If you go out with a big group of friends, and you see another group of people that you know, it’s basically like one big date... I think it’s really cool because it takes the edge off it.

Feeling OK!

His type of girl: I think down to earth is always key. It’s always good to be down to earth, Musical, not nessecarily she has to play a musical instrument or be Mary Poppins, but definitely fun to have a good time with. You never there, there are plenty out there right now so I’m definitely I’m actively seeking.

What he's like on a date: The perfect date is being who you are. I don’t think where or how, I think great food and great service in a restaurant always helps. But even just, I think really showing a true colors. And really being a Southern gentleman.

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