Ugly Betty Recap: "The Manhattan Project"

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Were you as excited as we were to see Ugly Betty return to the small screen last night?  Well in case you missed it, we have a quick recap of "The Manhattan Project" for you guys.

In this premiere, Betty has returned from a long vacation after turning down Rome with Gio and turning down Henry's marriage proposal.  Betty has undergone some major changes and is ready to get back to Mode and accept more responabilities, get her own apartment, and have no more love interests!

However, Betty returns to find out that it's not just her that's changed.  Mode is a completely new company and her boss Daniel has been moved to Player (the magazine, not just his lifestyle).  Betty joins her boss as his assistant at the new magaazine.

Betty and Her Idea Book

Betty goes on to find her own apartment next.  After her dream apartment is swooped up by another person, Betty signs for another apartment in the building sight unseen.  It ends up being a disaster.  Been shock.

Also, Betty's father Ignacio finds a job at Flushing Burger where Kimmie Keegan (Lindsay Lohan) is his boss!  After Betty confronts Kimmie for cutting down her father's hours, Betty and Kimmie fight and Ignacio is fired.  Betty comes back later to apologize and gets her father's job back.

Back at Mode, Wilhelmina has taken over as Editor in Chief and takes Alexis with her on Live With Regis & Kelly where she reveals Alexis' mother's magazine, Hot Flash, whih fails.  Alexis meanwhile cuts funding on the project, angering her mother.

Woo, soo much happened!  We'll last recap on Betty's role at Player.  She helms a party for an event that was based loosely on her idea book.  After one of the motorcycle girls can't make it (due to DJ's action), Betty fills in and crashes big time!  Don't worry, Marc and Amanda were there to laugh.  In the end, Betty rescues this disaster by having Player leak the video online.

Okay, that's it for now.  We can't wait for next week and we'll be sure to keep you guys up to date.  Enjoy the rest of our pictures from the episodes:

Marc and Amanda with Betty
Betty and Daniel
Betty is Silly Stringed

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