The Passion of the Betty Clip

In this Ugly Betty scene, Jesse Tyler Ferguson reprises his role as Dr. Farkas. The guy has feelings for Betty.

The Bahamas Triangle Clip

Betty Suarez in the Bahamas? You gotta watch this clip from the Ugly Betty episode, "The Bahamas Triangle."

Betty in the Bahamas

For its 12/4/09 episode, Ugly Betty goes to the Bahamas. Check out a clip from the installment now.

Behind the Scenes of Betty

We're jealous of the cast of Ugly Betty. They take us behind the scenes of their trip to the Bahamas in this video.

Backseat Betty Promo

Betty wants to be fearless. Watch her attempts at it in this promo for the episode "Backseat Betty."

The Wiener, the Bun and the Boob Promo

In "The Wiener, the Bun and the Boob," Betty dresses up like a hot dog. Check out the official ABC promo for the episode.

Blue on Blue Promo

Check out the official prom for "Blue on Blue." It's the October 25, 2009 episode of Ugly Betty.

Ugly Betty Season Four Clip

Wait 12 seconds. Then, this video starts and the clip from the season four premiere of Ugly Betty is priceless.

Dressed for Success Promo

A promo clip for tonight's episode of Ugly Betty, "Dressed for Success." In the promo it shows Betty going to YETI but also receiving a tragic phone call from Hilda.

Dine and Dash

When Amanda and Betty get stuck with the bill at a very expensive meal, Betty pulls out her Mode card and tries to work her magic to get her meal comped. A very clever move.

Daniel and Molly Nearly Kiss

When Daniel takes Molly down to the closet to find her a new dress to wear to her charity event, things get a little too close and inappropriate for the two as they nearly kiss.

Claire Slaps Daniel

When Claire finds out that Daniel is taking Molly, Connor's fiancee, to a charity event, she gets a little angry at her son for going after an involved woman. She goes so far as to slap!

Ugly Betty Quotes

You know exactly what [Whilemnia] is up to. Firing, scheming, looking for a puppy to kick.


Betty: Does every spread have to be women in skimpy bras?
Daniel: You're right, I haven't thought of that. Let's lose those bras please.