Chapter 11: The F-Word Recap

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Wow fans of Nico and Kirby (who isn't?) had to have loved last night's episode, The F-Word.  Nico finally is proud of the stud she's dating and even went as far as to call him her boyfriend!  And it doesn't end there!  She took him to a work event!!  Oh and Victory and Rodrigo broke up.  And some stuff happened with Wendy coping with losing her job.  Did we mention Nico and Kirby are officially dating??

Kirby Cleans up Nicely

If you want to catch up on the full episode, please read our very complete The F-Word recap.  We'll post plenty of pictures, quotes, and music from the episode throughout the day.

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Shane: I know she's your bff and all...
Wendy: Did Maddie teach you that?
Shane: Yeah..

It's like a tupperwear party, but with bling.

Wendy [on Victory's jewelry party]