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In Season 2, Episode 4, we begin by first seeing Rodrigo and Victory getting it on and then Kirby and Nico sexing.  We then cut over to Shane sleeping and Wendy laying in bed awake.  Rodrigo tells Victory he has to leave early the next morning, he has a daughter after all, want to meet her?  Nico invites Kirby to a fancy charity event that Saturday.  Yes, it's a work thing.  Kirby will be going as her boyfriend.  Aww!!  Wendy wakes up and wants to clean a dirty window.  Someone needs a job.

Victory and Nico come over to Wendy's and it looks like IHOP with so many pancakes everywhere.  She still hasn't told the kids she got fired (the F-Word).  Nico's dad, Dimitri, comes to her office to tell her Georgi, her brother, is in trouble again.  This time it's insider trading.  Her father needs her money for bail and her connections to get him off.  Wendy is at home deleting all work appointments off her calendar she then calls to make a bunch of appointments for doctors, etc.  Victory is filming a PSA for cleaning up trash.  Nico then goes shopping with Kirby to get him a nice suit for Saturday.  Man he looks cute all dressed up.  Nico tells him about her brothers' problems and about how her brother stole from her.

Carlos and his daugher, Celia, come over to dinner.  Celia gives Victory no chance.  She says she's a vegetarian and is reading her book Charolette's Web the whole time.  Victory accidentally reveals Charolette dies and puts the nail in her own coffin.  Nico visits he rbrother in jail and he claims he just got stock advice from his bosses and apologizes about stealing from Victory, he planned on giving it all back.  Wendy runs into some of her friends at Taylor's school and they ask to use her connections to get celebrity help for their bake sale.  She says she'd rather be hands on this time.  They just laugh.  Wendy also finds out Maddie lied about where she was.

Rodrigo and Victory are talking at the shop when Dahlia comes in to talk to her about the Cadillac event on Saturday.  She wants extra tickets to take Rodrigo and Celia.  Wendy comes home and screams at Maddie.  Shane tells Wendy if she's more honest with Maddie maybe Maddie will be more honest with her.  Nico goes to visit her dad at his restaurant and gives him the money for bail.  She finds out her father sold the restaurant when Georgi had a bad run.  Man this is just sad.  Nico returns to the office and during a meeting some guy suggests they run a story about a limo driver that was caught doing insider trading.. uh oh, her brother.  She tries to say it's not Bonfire but everyone else is pushing the story hard.

The ladies meet for lunch at Wendy's house and Nico and Wendy get into a fight about Wendy's emotional choice to fire Noah and Victory steps in to mediate and they al laugh it off.  Dahlia shows up to work to talk to Rodrigo privately and asks him to look his best on Saturday.  Nico goes to Georgi's and he admits he was in on it the whole time and the guys who set him up are supposed to bail him out.  Nico tells him to come clean to the prosecutor and he'll get off.  Georgi leaves angry.

On Saturday, at the party, Victory arrives and leaves Rodrigo and Celia behind.  Nico and Kirby are already at the party together.  Wendy, Shane, and the kids show up and when Wendy sees Griffin, she leaves claiming to feel sick.  Kirby notices Griffin staring at Nico and says that guy over there is checking you out.  You're so right Kirbs!  We saw that too!!  Nico sends Kirby away to get drinks and Griffin annoys her about running the story about her brother again (without knowing it's her brother0.  She says it was her brother so please stop pressuring it.  Griffin seems very shocked to find out Nico is from Queens and not from money.  Rodrigo leaves the party early to take Celia home and Victory stays behind to give an interview.

The Healeys come home to Wendy.  Wendy and Shane go into their bathroom and Wendy breaks into tears and Maddie walks in and sees.  Wendy calls over Maddy and Taylor and comes clean about being fired.  Maddie asks if Noah died.  She says it's cool that her mother tried to make the movie and extends her hand out.  All is good.  Victory comes in to the shop the next day and says they shouldn't mix business with pleasure.  She meant he shouldn't go with her to business things but he takes it the wrong way.  He only wants to date the real Victory, not work Victory.  That's impossible.  They break up.

Nico comes to her dad again and tells her father all Georgi has to do is please guilty and he'll get off.  Dmitri reveals he's always treated Georgi differently because he thought Georgi needed him and Nico didn't.  She offers to help buy him back the restaurant but he wants Georgi to do it one day.  Victory walks by one of her talking trash ads and tells it to shut up.  Nico comes outside to Kirby who was waiting outside her father's restaurant and she tells him she wants to show him where she grew up.  Aww... cute.

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Dimitri: Sorry about Charles.
Nico: I got your note. He finally did something you approved of, he died.

Kirby: Aren't I still the guy who filed for sexual harass at Bonfire?
Nico: You're the Editor in Chief's boyfriend
Kirby: I like it

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 4 Music

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Song Uh Huh Tasha Taylor
Song Stand Bitter:Sweet