"Dressed to Kill" Recap, Quotes, Pictures and Music!

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Another day, another round of Lipstick Jungle episode recaps for me!  We're up to the fifth episode, "Dressed to Kill," from the first seasons.  With only three episodes left, we should be caught up by the time the new episode airs on Wednesday at 10:00 pm!

Joe and His Three Dates

In "Dressed to Kill," we saw Wendy apply Shane for a job to do the music on her latest movie... without his knowledge, we saw Nico force Kirby to go on a date with another woman, and we saw Victory finally confront Reese about stealing her designs.  All in all it was a very exciting episode!

Kirby and Sasha

We tried to do the episode justice with the quotes, pictures, and music we've uploaded, but sometimes it's tough to do!  As usual, please read our complete recap and let us know what you thought of this fantastic episode.  On that note we'll leave you with this picture from the episode of Kirby shirtless.  You're welcome!

Kirby Shirtless with Coffee

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Wendy: You've known me for 20 years, you know I don't try on shoes in public.
Victory: Oh, Come on.
Wendy: No no, they marvel at how big they are. They bring out measuring devices.

Nico: What, you're not ready to help me raise my dead husband's baby? What's the matter with you?
Kirby: Well when you put it that way