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"Dressed to Kill" opens with Shane with three very lovely dates at club listening to a band he used to play with.  While there, Victory is approached by a couple that loved Chloe's dress and want to see if she'll mass produce them.  And Shane is called up to the stage and we're treated to some mad piano solos.  Victory goes outside to fetch Joe from his limo and drags him into the club and we get a few more songs.  After the set, Wendy jumps Shane's bones.  Outside the club, Joe and Victory offer Nico a ride but she insists on "walking."  When they leave she hops in the next cab to visit Kirby.

On the limo ride home, Victory sees her dress designs in the window of a department store... only they're under the Ricard Bragini label.  Nico, a little tipsy, arrives at Kirby's and sets some new ground rules.  Kirby, in a fun playful fashion, writes them down on the chalkboard. 

The next morning, Wendy grabs one of Shane's demo cds and brings it with her to work.  Kirby wakes up to see Nico drinking coffee and tells her they already broke one of the rules.  Victory is at home with the three dresses from the department store.  Wendy and Nico come over and Victory tells them her sketches are missing.  Wendy tells Nico her plan to submit Shane's demo cd for one of the studio's movies without telling him.

Joe comes over to Victory's and tells her she needs to look at the employees she just fired.  She's angry and tells him her employees would never do that and kicks him out... and then calls her old assistant Reese.  Wendy tells her assistant Josh to send Shane's demo CD.  Wendy then heads off to Nico's who asks her to get Kirby a job.  Wendy, hoping the affair was over, reluctantly agrees.  Back to Victory.  Her assistant Roy is reminding her about the investor meeting when Reese shows up in tears.  Reese shows her the sketches and claims she showed Ricardo the sketches during an interview and he must have memorized them.  Sure.

Shane asks Wendy why he received a phone call from a director about a movie he never submitted work to.  Wendy admits to submitting it but tells him she did it under a different name so if he got the job it'd be on his own accord.  He can keep his pants.  Nico then stops by the set where Wendy got Kirby a job and she sees some real chemistry between Kirby and the model Sasha.  Enter jealous cougar mode.  Nico invites Sasha to the party.  Victory walks Reese out of the apartment and comes back in to tell Roy she knew Reese was lying.

At Parador, Wendy is in the elevator with the director discussing Shane's cd and Wendy let's it slip it's her husband.  It was down to three but now the choice is very obvious.  Victory goes to visit Nico for advice on Ricardo Bragini and Reese situation and asks for extra tickets to the party.  Nico, who hates Bragini, reluctantly does so.  Wendy comes home to find an extremely excited Shane watching a rough cut of the movie and working on a sample to send the director.  Wendy tries to talk Shane out of being too excited.  Nico and Kirby are sharing a bottle of wine when Kirby admits to Nico that Sasha gave him her cell phone number.  Nico, eager to not look jealous, pushes Kirby to go out with her. 

At the fundraiser,Victory is talking with Reese and when she asks Joe to check her coat and reveals she's wearing one of her dresses.  The plan is in action.  Reese looks very nervous to see thedress.  Nico sees Kirby enter with Sasha.  Wendy, meanwhile,not at the party gets a phone call from the director and is told Shane got the job.  Big shock.  Back to the party, Victory tells Reese that Ricardo is at the party and she wants to confront him.  Nico then goes up to say to Kirby but leaves, she has other guests to attend to.  Reese is too nervous to talk to Ricardo and Victory takes her outside to confront her on the lie.  Reese comes back with telling her she'd be nothing if she didn't have Nico and Wendy.  Cat fight!

Back inside the party, Reese runs inside to tell Ricardo she stole the designs before Victory can say anything.  Joe pulls Victory away and says the label may be Ricardo Baagini but the designs are all Victory Ford and they leave.  Nico, still jealous, heads over to Kirby's after the party.  Wendy goes home to Shane and he tells her he got the job. 

At Kirby's apartment.  The good news is he's home alone. Nico comes in and Kirby admits he never wanted to go out with Sasha and only did it because Nico made him.  He only wants her. Nico erases all the rules on the board.  OMG.  Victory, reads about her catfight with Reese on the internet when the doorbell rings.  It's the investor from the club, he wants to pour money into her line!


Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Nico: It's Charles
Shane: Where is he?
Nico: In Vienna...
Shane: Well tell him to stay there, I look pretty good with three dates.

Victory [about a passerby's butt]: How do i get one of those? Lunges?
Nico: Yeah to a doctor on 73rd and Fifth.