"Pandora's Box" Recap, Quotes, Pictures & Music Done

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The new episode of Lipstick Jungle is mere hours away along with the artificial deadline I set for myself to finish archiving all the old episode recaps.  I am proud to announce I have finished recapping the season two premiere, "Pandora's Box."

Nico has Support at the Funeral

This epiosde started at Charles' funeral and then went backwards to the event leading up to it.  We saw Victory looking for a location for her new storefront, Wendy having to deal with her mother being in town, and, of course, Nico dealing with news of her husband's affair.

Maddie and Grandma

Please enjoy the quotes, music, and pictures we gathered from the episode in addition to the excessively detailed recap.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we'll have the full recap for tonight's episode, "Let it Be."  To hold you over until then, we'll leave you with the hottest shirtless Kirby photo yet.

Kirby Shirtless on the Court

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

To you it's Thanksgiving, to me it's just Thursday


Wendy: I just spent my first all nighter since college. You know it's a lot easier when you're 20.
Nico: What isn't?