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The season two premiere, "Pandora's Box" opens with Nico, Wendy, and Victory at a funeral... they break into laughter.  We flashback to five days earlier, Charles brings home the photograph of Nico's backside taken by Kirby.  He says he puchased it from a random gallery for her.  Nico meets with Victory and Kirby for drinks to discuss and thinks Charles has known about Kirby the whole time.  Wendy then notices her daughter enter the bar they're at!  Wendy grabs Maddie and heads home and grounds her the next morning.

Joe visits Victory to check on the business when Dahlia (Rosie Perez), Victory's new publicist show up.  Nico, meanwhile, is visiting a shirtless Kirby as the basketball court to discuss the photo.  She wants Kirby to ask the gallery to get the photo back and Kirby then spins it around to show his perspective.  Did we mention he was shirtless?  Dahlia, doubling as her realtor, heads with Victory to look for a new store location.  Just as they're leaving a location they see Nico who admits she went to see Kirby.  Dahlia offers up a new solution to save merriage... get botox down south to increase her sexual pleasure.

Back ar Parador, Wendy gives Sal more work so she can spend more time with Maddie.  She gets a phone call from her mother (Mary Tyler Moore!) who's in town and she insists she stays at her house and not a hotel.  Nico, meanwhile, decides to call about the procedure after a bad conversation with Charles.  Wendy and her mother are at a local farmers market and we see all her mother does is criticize Wendy's choices.  Finally, Dahlia shows Victory she loves, but it ends up being Joe Benett's and Victory wants out.

Nico heads to Wendy's to let her know she can't make it to dinner... and it's very obvious she got the procedure.  Very obvious.  Wendy encourages Nico to finally come clean up the affair.  At home, Wendy makes dinner while her mother sits with Maddie and continues to critcize.  After an awkward moment with Charles in the bedroom (Charles: We've already had sex once this week, i'm not a kid anymore), Nico comes clean about her affair.  Charles won't discuss it and tells her he has not been cheating.  The next morning, Shane and Wendy try their hardest to take a discreet shower together without Wendy's mom hearing.

Dahlia reminds Victory that she was hired as her publcist and in order to promote her company she needs this space.  Nico walks into the bedroom to find Charles packing his suitcase.. he needs surgery again.  At the hospital the next morning, the ladies run into Megan in the gift shop... she's pregnant with Charles' baby!  Nico rushes home and discovers photographs of her with Kirby in Charles' secret drawer... he's been having her followed!

Now we're back to the morning of the funeral and Nico is drinking scotch heavily.  Nico tells Wendy and Victory that Charles was working on an abandonment case so he'd get alimony.  Nico doesn't think she can go to the funeral... without her friends and more scotch!  During the funeral Kirby shows up and afterwards, Wendy and Victory leave Nico.  Victory talks to Joe after the funeral and says all she wants is a business relationship and signs the lease.  Wendy talks to her mom about Nico, who takes it as an opportunity to criticize Wendy.  The two eventual bond and her mom admits she cames to New York to try and get back her acting career and failed.

Nico, now wanders the streets of New York and sees lots of famiies and children.  Victory meanwhile is at the new location signing the paperwork.  Wendy is at home reading with Maddie.  After done wandering, Victory hops in a cab and seems to be enjoying the ride a little too much thanks to her procedure.  Oh and she's reading the card Kirby gave her at the funeral.

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm your mother, though according to this [fake id] I gave birth to you in the third grade.


Nico, be flattered that after all these years your husband still wants to nail you to the wall.


Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Song Gotta Be Free Marcus Miller featuring Corinne Bailey Rae
Right as rain Right As Rain ADELE iTunes
Song What You Wanted Angus & Julia Stone