"Let the Games Begin" Quotes Live!

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Last night's episode, "Let the Games Begin," was one of our favorites in recent times and not just cause of the drama brought on by guest stars Rosanna Arquett and Vanessa Marcil, but also because of some of the great quotes!

We had witty banter between the girls and we had deep seerious quotes from both Joe and Kirby.  We did our best to capture as many quotes as possible, but as usual, if we're missing any of your favorites, please contact us!

Here's a small sampling of some of the quotes from last night's episode:

Nico [holding up dress]: What do you think of this?
Victory: That would impress her if she was a librarian at a women's prison. How did you even put this look together with my clothes?
Nico: I need your help, I'm trying to de-cougarize | permalink
Ellen: have you returned any of her calls?
Joe: Have you returned the ring? What are you waiting for?
Ellen: For her to come to her senses | permalink
Wendy and Shane Dance
Shane: I'm toying with a mustache. Josie wanted me to do some PR shots and she thought a little facial hair may lend me some distinction. What do you think?
Wendy: I think you're distinct, let Josie grow her own mustache
| permalink
Wendy [referring to Tina]: Man if she's pushing fifty, fifty is afraid to push back | permalink
Kirby: If [Charles] hadn't died, would you have come back to me? Because I want to feel like I'm the one you choose | permalink

Wow.  So many good quotes it's impossible to choose our favorites.  That's why we need you to vote for your favorite "Let the Games Begin" quotes!

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