Kirby: I want to feel like I'm the one you choose
Nico: There's no way I can answer that. Kirby, we're together and it's really good... I love you
Kirby: I love you too..

Nico: I'm dating some guy who subconsciously wants to date his mother
Victory: Maybe not
Wendy: Or maybe so? How fast does he go for the breast?

Right now I feel like a pawn being pushed around by two queens.


If [Charles] hadn't died, would you have come back to me? Because I want to feel like I'm the one you choose


You know what's so great about tennis? Love means zero


Wendy: How's it going with Anna?
Victory: It's not, I've just been waiting for Joe to show up
Wendy: What if he doesn't?
Victory: I'm going to switch from sipping champagne to sipping antifreeze

Tina: Have you even discussed children?
Nico: Well I think it's a little premature for us to be talking about children
Tina: Maybe for him, he's got time. You don't. You gotta face the facts. Tick tock chicken, you're eggs aren't getting any fresher

Wendy: Hey when do I get to hear what you're working on?
Shane: Off the clock. How often do we get the chance to dance without being mocked by a fifteen year old?

Man if she's pushing fifty, fifty is afraid to push back

Wendy [referring to Tina]

Do you know how many times I bought a business that I wasn't absolutely sure was going to make a profit? Once. I wasn't looking to buy a clothing company... I didn't want to buy a clothing company. I wanted... It doesn't matter what I wanted... I have gambled enough on Victory Ford


Wendy: You call Joe again
Nico: Again? I am one call away from a restraining order.
Wendy: Again

Victory: Do we get to meet slash judge your evil twin?
Nico: She's not evil, she's nice.. there's just...
Wendy: If she's nice why are you looking for problems?

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Victory: How come your boss hasn't called me by the way?
Ellen: He does have other businesses, princess
Victory: I know but I am getting baskets of fancy jam from complete strangers, he could call and say nice job
Ellen: He is a man of few words... and he doesn't like jam

Victory: My hand is cramping
Ellen: It might be easier if you just dot your eyes instead of all those little hears
Victory: They're not hearts, your pen is leaky

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 7 Music

  Song Artist
Design Design Merrie Amsterburg iTunes
Waiting for you Waiting For You Jess Tardy iTunes
Song Bring Me What You Got Mystikos Quintet