Lost Spoilers: The Fray Music Video

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We have a bunch of Lost Season 5 spoilers from a very unlikely source... the music video from The Fray's "You Found Me."  Below is the video complete with delicious spoilers.

[video url="/videos/the-fray-music-video-with-lost-5-scenes/" title="The Fray Music Video With Lost 5 Scenes"] [/video]

For those of you that are too lazy to watch the video or at work, here's a breakdown of some of the stuff we learn from this video:

  • Sawyer and Juliet are holding hands!
  • Desmond and Penny in their marital bed
  • The Left Behinders are running from something!
  • There's a logo for Ajira Airways which includes a blazing sun and tiger (the tiger is the national animal of Sun Kwon's homeland, Korea)

Remember, Lost returns January 21st on ABC.  Thanks Kristin for the heads up!

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