Regrettable Departures Banner - Lost

Photo collage of Troy Barnes, Dean Miller, Charlie Pace, and Jack Pearson.

Lost Numbers

These numbers became a major part of the Lost mythology. Don't think too hard about what they mean.

Sawyer & Juliet Lost

Of Lost's couple Damon Lindelhof said, "Juliet will always be Sawyer's true love." That says a lot, but finding each other before a candy machine in what might have been purgatory was one of the most emotional scenes ever shown. No quips from Sawyer with Juliet, just love.

Tania Raymonde on Lost

Tania Raymonde looks rather freaked out here on Lost, doesn't she? She will stop by The Big Bang Theory in 2014.

Ben as the #2

Ben Linus in a Lost DVD extra, showing what happened on the island after Jack and Locke died, and the rest of the gang left. What do you think he and Hurley did?

Sideways Hugo

Hurley had an important job in the Sideways world of the Lost season finale: help Desmond wake everyone up.

Lost DVD

The Lost season six DVD promises a great deal of answers. For example, fans can look forward to an epilogue involving Ben and Hurley's time as protectors of the island.

Future Number-Two

Ben always wanted a purpose on the island. Hurley gave it to him on the series finale of Lost, as we later learn that Ben was a great "number-two."

Fake Family

This is a major problem we had with the Sideways world: it created David Shepard as a character, just as a way to fake out viewers, and then did away with him as soon as the finale revealed more about this universe.

They Remember

Thank goodness for stuck Apollo Bars, huh? This scene helped Sawyer and Juliet remember their past on the island together.

A Shared Reaction

This is a scene from the iconic series finale of Lost. On the island, Kate and Sawyer share a reaction to events.


Sawyer puts his hands up and reacts in this scene from "The End." It's the series finale of the most ambitious show in TV history.

Lost Quotes

Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

Hurley's mom