Round Table: "Life During Wartime"

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While fans gather in our Life During Wartime" include all things Dr. Hunt, being the Chief, and the unconventional but entertaining Mark/Callica love triangle ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: When Callie invited Mark for a drink and said, "You're good for more than just sex," I melted. Let's hope a non-lesbian feels the same way soon and falls for this hilarious man!

missingBurke: I liked Hunt's willingness to take advice from Derek and Sloan, saying this is day one for him as well. Just when you think you have this guy figured out, there's another component to him. I also loved Cristina's classic "RUN!"

iheartizzie: I'm going to go with Richard's heartfelt apology (or non-apology) to Meredith. He's made a lot of mistakes in his life and it's not always easy to admit them, let alone make things right, but it was very big of him to try.

Callie Torres and Erica Hahn Kiss

2. More likely to end up as a couple: Callie and Erica, or Callie and Mark?

iheartizzie: After this past episode, Callie and Mark seem more likely to me. Will new intern Sadie be a better match for Erica than Callie, who ends up with Mark?

McCritic: Callie and Mark. The former is scarcely even hiding her reservations about Erica. Callie may have gotten involved in that relationship because men were letting her down; but Mark is now showing her that we sometimes get it right.

missingBurke: I'm not sure, but I am enjoying the evolution of the Sloan character. We learn a little bit more about him every week - something Grey's Anatomy is really good at - without sacrificing his trademark sarcastic one-liners.

3. Can Bailey be the Chief?

missingBurke: I think Bailey has proven to be a natural leader and teacher, one who leads by example and offers just the right balance of tough love and encouragement. I do worry about her not spending enough time at home, however.

McCritic: Not if she wants to maintain her marriage. Whatever happened to spending more time at home with the two Tucks anyway?

iheartizzie: They're both the best in the business - and have similar problems finding a work/life balance. She might as well be mini-Chief!

4. Should Meredith continue to read her mother's diaries?

McCritic: I don't really care... as long as this yawn-inducing story line doesn't continue to be the focus of the Mer/Der relationship.

iheartizzie: The armchair psychologist in me would tell Mer, look, girl, you've got to put down the diary. You've come so far. Ellis is gone, and you have to move forward, not relive the past by reading her innermost thoughts from decades past.

missingBurke: You know, I thought this was interesting the first time, but are they just using this to create faux Mer-Der tension at this point? Meredith deserves to be happy, and I get the feeling this is just a form of self-loathing.

5. Dr. Hunt: A great addition? Or the best addition?

iheartizzie: This guy's awesome. Just the kind of guy the hospital needs to shake things up, but a little damaged in his own right beneath that exterior.

missingBurke: I loved Burke. He was my absolute favorite Grey's Anatomy character. For that reason, it's hard to see Cristina having a romantic interest in anyone else. That being said, I do enjoy the character of Dr. Hunt. He's growing on me quickly.

McCritic: The greatest. Grey's Anatomy does a superb job of integrating new cast members into the show. Dr. Hunt has a solid back story, a possible love interest and an enemy in PETA. I'm a fan.

Owen Hunt Picture

Dr. Owen Hunt is making quite an impression on Grey's Anatomy.

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