Lost Spoilers from Season 5 Premiere

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Call us jealous!  Korbi was lucky enough to see the first two episodes of season five of Lost and is here to dish what she can without getting in too much trouble.  So what have we learned from her about the premiere, "Because You Left?"

  1. Jack and Ben are still where we left them last... in the funeral parlour with Locke.  The action picks up from there.
  2. We find out why the Oceanic 6 must return to the Island, what happened when Ben moved the Island, and what Sun Mmeant when she said she and Widmore had common interests
  3. We revisit The Arrow Station from season three and learn its purpose
  4. At least three people will be killed in the first act
  5. Sayid and Ben are on especially bad terms
  6. Several characters who have died will make return appearances
  7. Sawyer is shirtless for the entire first episode!
  8. Daniel Faraday and his life's work play a pivotal role in the premiere episode
Oceanic Five

Wow.  January 21st can't come fast enough for us Lost fans!

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Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

Hurley's mom