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Recently the producers of Lost, Damon Lendelof and Carlton Cuse sat down with a group from the media and revealed quite a bit about the show and its upcoming season 5.  Being the Lost fanatics we are, we decided to focus season five spoilers:

We saw a lot of Christian Shephard in season 4. Does his re-appearance tie into the empty coffin Jack discovered back in season 1?
Damon: Indeed it does... and I think its safe to say you'll be seeing Christian again in season 5. And what's up with those white tennis shoes he was wearing back in season 1?

You've previously confirmed that Michael is dead and it would appear that Claire has also taken a dirt nap. But we're still left hanging on Jin's fate. Will the latter two characters' fates be resolved in season 5?
Damon: I would beg to differ on Claire's alleged "dirt nap" (unless you mean taking a nap on dirt) -- didn't we see her last sitting in a cabin with the mysterious Christian Shephard? As for Jin, we'll definitely be seeing more of him in season 5. But as we're moving through past, present and future, who knows when we'll see him.

Jin-Soo Kwon

There is a lot of concern amongst many fans over how the show will work without the chemistry of the full ensemble. Is that separation something you will address in season 5?
Damon: We're concerned, too! I think everyone, writers and fans alike, feels the show is at its best when our characters are together, but the fact of the matter is that the story is constantly twisting and turning to keep them apart. Let's face it: absence makes the heart grow fonder, but there's nothing sweeter than a reunion. All we're willing to say at this point is that if we were to spend the entire duration of Season 5 with the Oceanic Six trying to get back to the island, we are fully aware that the audience would strangle us.

Speaking of sweet reunions... Desmond's reunion with Penny at the end of Season 4 was one of the greatest moments of the series so far. Nothing's going to happen in the new season to jeopardize their happiness, right? Right?
Damon: I'm sorry. Wrong. Wrong.

Are we ever going to see backstories for Rousseau, Libby and/or Walt, or will they fall by the wayside now that there are only 34 episodes left?
Carlton: Let's just say you will get more information about Rousseau and Walt at least. We can't comment about who will or won't get full-on flashbacks. Obviously as the story moves forward we'll be answering questions at a faster rate. But some stories -- like Libby's -- we feel are pretty much finished.

Will we ever get an answer to lingering questions like what's up with the four-toed statue from the season 2 finale?
Carlton: Yes, more on the four-toed statue to come! In fact, (spoiler) the four-toed statue might come to life in the Zombie Season. As we roll into the end of season 5 and certainly in season 6, the show will definitely be much more in answer mode

You can read the rest of the interview at Television Without Pity.

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