Natalia Livingston Previews Return to General Hospital

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On tomorrow afternoon's General Hospital viewers — and eventually Nikolas — will be treated to a shock when the late Emily Quartermaine appears to rise from the dead.

The truth is, of course, is that Natalia Livingston is back on the drama in a new role: a mysterious young woman named Rebecca.

The actress recently previewed the part with TV Guide: Was this comeback plan in mind when you left?
Livingston: I knew that there was a possibility for a comeback, yeah. We ended up waiting a few months, then I got a call from Bob Guza and [acting director] Mark Teschner in November: "We've got this storyline ready — what are you thinking?" I thought, "Wow, it's just such an incredible opportunity."

Rebecca, General Hospital What did you think about when making the decision to return?
Livingston: What was really important to me was remembering my five years on the show and how happy I was. I know that this is a group of people I love to work with, that it's a job I know I love. Second to that, I thought this would be challenging because it's a new character. It's not a recast, like when I stepped into Amber Tamblyn's shoes [as Emily]. This is a chance to have something new and my own.

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