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TNT's Trust Me debuts tonight at 10 pm and its star, Tom Cavanagh, recently sat down with TV Guide to help sell us on his advertising dramedy.  We have a small excerpt from the interview, which even includes a little spoiler about the lack of an upcoming love story: You two strike me as having similar comedic sensibilities. That whole sardonic, sarcastic thing.
Cavanagh: Exactly. We like the rapid-fire, the smaller thing. He also likes to know what's going in a scene — the different things that work beneath the surface — and so do I. We both like to rehearse a lot. There are a lot of similarities, and it's good to click on those levels. Would you say Connor is the more anxious of the two?
Cavanagh: No, I don't think so. It might possibly be the reverse. But he gets so bummed out when he's passed over for a promotion.
Cavanagh: Yeah, but he's more of the free-wheeler and, I think, more irresponsible and immature. But he's really good at his job. He gets the great grades, but then can let go and chase the females. It's like high school. Will they be playing sexual tension between you and Monica Potter (as a new hire/award-winning copywriter)?
Cavanagh: I don't think anyone's interested in getting involved in a "Will they/Won't they?" predicament. You can rise and fall on one of those. If I'm a viewer, it's like, "Here's a woman who's divorced, and here's a guy who's romantic trouble. I can see it." But I don't want it to be a thing. I want the attraction of the show to be the many things opposed to the one.

Conner and Sarah

You can read the rest of the Tom Cavanagh interview at TV Guide.

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