Trust Me Doomed? Eric McCormack in a New Pilot

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Things do not look good for TNT's freshman drama Trust Me.  First, the network moves the show.  Now they seem to be rushing out the episodes, now airing two of them a night on Tuesday nights.  Oh and did we mention terrible ratings?

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Eric McCormack has been cast in a lead role in a new ABC pilot.  The new sitcom is still untitled and will focus on two friends who embark on very different lives.  Dean (McCormack) is a heart surgeon with a new baby and Seth (Reno Wilson) is a contractor with an empty nest.

Officially, Trust Me is still the McCormack's top position.  However, the article states that Trust Me is not slated to return next year.  Then again the article calls the show Truth in Advertising (the original name), so I wouldn't take their research too seriously.

Trust Me TV Poster

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