Fantasy Suites and Fisticuffs: TV Moments of the Week

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This week in television started with softcore porn on The Bachelor, and ended with McDreamy slugging McSteamy. It was an intense few days.

Here's a look at a few of the top developments across the primetime dial...

  • The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, sent Jillian packing. But not before caressing and kissing her in a hot tub.
Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor
  • Hiro embarked on another pointless adventure in India. Heroes is becoming so bad, it's good!
Luke, Caught!
  • The Oceanic 6 returned to the island on Lost. We just really hope Ben didn't kill Juliette before he got there.
Jack is Reborn
  • McDreamy laid out McSteamy. The flurry of fists almost made up for the lack of build-up to this brawl on Grey's Anatomy.
Doing Lexie

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