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Now that Jin is back, albeit in another time, Lost fans are dying to know if and when Jin and Sun will finally reunite.  Luckily, Kristin Dos Santos tells us that "it may be sooner than you think think.  I think, you'll be surprised if and when you see it."

Jin and Sun

Kristin also tells us that Lance Reddick is coming back to Lost during the February 25 episode, which means maybe we'll earn a bit more about Matthew Abaddon.

Charolette (Rebeca Mader) fans should be happy to know that her character is safe for now with the emphasis on "for now."  Apparently the actress may be released from the show to film a movie with George Clooney.  We feel sorry for her.

Mader reveals a little about her character saying that she and Daniel "must have a history. Because it's like they just got to this island and all of a sudden they appear to have—he apparently loves her, he's in love with her, which is huge."

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