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Can we expect Will Arnett of Arrested Development (and hilarious 30 Rock guest star) fame to make an appearance on wife Amy Poehler's new show, Parks and Recreation?

E! Online addresses this pressing subject in its spoiler Q&A today...

Q: Do you know if Will Arnett will guest star on Amy Poehler's new show?

A: Doubtful. Amy Poehler herself says of her husband appearing on Parks and Recreation, "No, I don't think so. He's focusing on his new show on Fox." That's the new animated series Sit Down, Shut Up, with two of his Arrested Development buddies, Mitch Hurwitz and Jason Bateman, and Pushing Daisies' Kristin Chenoweth. Arnett, meanwhile, had told us he wouldn't guest star on any series that didn't have a name, so at least they have that one cleared up!

Will and Amy

In other Parks and Recreation news, actor Chris Pratt - who made headlines a week ago after proposing to The House Bunny star Anna Faris - has joined the cast as Rashida Jones' love interest. The series begins production and is on track for its April 9 premiere date.

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