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Sarah Clarke may be best known to audiences as Nina from 24, but if Trust Me has its way, you'll best know her as Erin Maguire, Mason's wife.  TV Guide recently sat down with Sarah Clarke and got the scoop on her character this season. Finish this sentence: "Trust Me's Erin Maguire is a stay-at-home mom, however... "
Sarah Clarke: However, there is a whole other side of her that is slowly starting to redevelop. When Erin stopped working — she used to work at RGM [her husband's ad agency] — to raise the kids and be a full-time mom and wife, everything else got put on hold. Now that the kids are more self-sufficient and Mason is a workaholic, she's spending a lot more time on her own and waking up to who she is again.

Erin and Mason McGuire She's totally going to end up back at RGM, isn't she?
Clarke: [Laughs] Probably! We'll see. At the very least, she'll be helping Mason out with a campaign soon?
Clarke: Yes, they definitely use me as a sounding board. I also have to play referee between him and Conner (played by Tom Cavanagh).

You can read the rest of the interview with Sarah Clarke and all its Trust Me spoilers at TV Guide.

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